PRODUCT CATEGORIES :   High Efficiency Tablet Coating

PRODUCT NAME :   High-Efficiency Coating Machine BG-5H


Main Honor: National high-tech enterprises, Zhejiang Famous Brand, Zhejiang Province high-tech enterprise, Zhejiang Patent Operation Enterprise, Credible Enterprise, Wenzhou Famous Brand etc. Main Export Markets: Southeast Asia, South Ameri




1.     Negative pressure control function.

2.     Speed control system of hot air cabinet.

3.     Temperature display and control system.

4.     Adjustment and control of spray gun coverage.

5.     Spray gun and atomization program control function.

6.     Spray gun cleaning and no blocking up.

7.     Constant printing function.

8.     Humidity display of air intake.

9.     It combines the main machine with the hot air cabinet, air exhaust cabinet, peristaltic pump, printer and control system, it is a special-purpose experimental equipment which is space-saving, easy-operating and high-efficient.