Trane light should undertake for the society, shareholders, employees create value mission, is committed to creating well-being as “ &rdquo for society; responsibility, will Trane light culture and values to the whole process of in-depth integration of enterprise quality, through the unremitting efforts and sincere cooperation, improve the efficiency of management, in the construction of modern enterprise goal.


science and technology Science and technology, innovation and unlimited Brought together the industry elite, fully implement the scientific innovation spirit, make the dominant products reach the world advanced level.
economy Both business benefits and social benefits.
Responsibility to serve the country industry, establishing the national brand, to industrial Xingbang ambition, in response to the national economic development strategy, the economic benefits at the same time, through constant care staff and social and environmental protection action, undertake the social responsibility of the enterprise, and the effective integration into the competitive advantages of enterprises, to promote long-term development enterprises.
human caring staff, to create a harmonious and
The outstanding enterprise culture, honest, to win, to create a &ldquo ” people-oriented; value system, strengthen the guidance and instill and maintain contact and communication in thought, respect and understanding in emotion, in action on the care and welfare, create harmonious atmosphere within the company.
Provide stage free enterprises, their ambitions of the Shi Qicai
To create a good institutional environment, provides many kinds of channels and ways for employees to grow, to seek common development of enterprises and employees.